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Welcome to the web site of Leo's Honey House. Leo's Honey House is a family owned and operated bee farm in the fingerlakes region of New York. Since 1980, we have been connecting people with our finest local honey and other wondrous hive products. Each season as we explore the art of beekeeping, we also strive to pass along the amazing habits and intriguing roll of the honey bee in food production, human health and the environment.
Winter Message

The thermometer readings have been on a roller coaster ride this winter. This can be stressful for the bees. However the more moderate temperatures allow the bees a chance to break out of their winter cluster and retrieve honey stored in other parts of the hive. All beekeepers hope that they've left enough honey to see their bees through the winter. In February and March, hive checks are begun for adequate food stores. As the days lengthen, queens begin laying eggs again and worker bees use a lot of honey and pollen feeding the new bee larva. Workers consume a lot of honey themselves heating the brood nest area to 95 degrees! Colonies are in danger of starvation at this time more than any other and have no opportunity to gather more honey. Beekeepers can provide emergency food supplies to hives in need. Pollen patties are used during very cold periods and sugar syrup feeders are put on later during early spring.

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