Leo's Honey House

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Welcome to the web site of Leo's Honey House. Leo's Honey House is a family owned and operated bee farm in the fingerlakes region of New York. Since 1980, we have been connecting people with our finest local honey and other wondrous hive products. Each season as we explore the art of beekeeping, we also strive to pass along the amazing habits and intriguing roll of the honey bee in food production, human health and the environment.


Bee class
March 16th - register through the Steuben County Cooperative Extension, 607-664-2300

Spring at Leo's Honey House

Winter's snowy grip has finally given way to longer and warmer days. The sun peeps out and the bees emerge from their long winter's confinement. They hover a bit at the hive entrance and then fly off as if receiving some signal about a new flower somewhere. Supplemental feedings ceased when spring inspections revealed that hives had adequate amounts of stored honey left from the winter. This was good news! Brood rearing is just getting started. Twenty-eight of last year's thirty hives have survived the cold and bitter winter. The three experimental nucs stored in the darkened basement have also come through just fine and were carried back outdoors in mid-March.

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