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Welcome to the web site of Leo's Honey House. Leo's Honey House is a family owned and operated bee farm in the fingerlakes region of New York. Since 1980, we have been connecting people with our finest local honey and other wondrous hive products. Each season as we explore the art of beekeeping, we also strive to pass along the amazing habits and intriguing roll of the honey bee in food production, human health and the environment.


Annual Campbell Farmers' Market
Saturday, September 27th from 10am - 3 pm in the Legion Pavilion

Painted Post Farmers' Market
Saturday, September 27th from 10am - 2pm outside the Painted Post-Erwin Museum at the Depot at 277 Steuben Street

Costa Airport fund-raiser
Sunday September 28th from noon - 4pm at Costa's Airport, 342 Victory Highway in Painted Post, proceeds benefit local food banks - don't miss this great chicken BBQ!

October Festival
Tuesday, October 7th from 10am - 4pm at the Corning Erwin Manufacturing Complex

Winter in the Bee Yard 2014-2015

Cold weather is here. The bees have instinctively formed a protective cluster, a tightly packed "bee ball" inside their hives, in response to the freezing temperatures. The bees forming the shell of the cluster act as living insulation. When they become chilled, they migrate to the inside of the cluster to warm up, new bees take their place. All the bees of the hive in turn are activating their flight muscles to create warmth or in people terms, shivering. The bees will eat the honey they have stored over the past summer and fall. A vital skill all beekeepers must learn is to accurately judge how much honey to harvest for people and how much honey to leave behind in the hive for the bees. Fortunately, a beekeeper can provide emergency food, usually a form of sugar or candy fondant, to keep the bees from starving if the beekeeper has guessed wrong or winter is long and frigid. This is just one extremely important difference between being a beekeeper and a "bee-haver". Bees are very well adapted to their duties but every once in a while they need help and humans can really make a difference.

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