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Welcome to the web site of Leo's Honey House. Leo's Honey House is a family owned and operated bee farm in the fingerlakes region of New York. Since 1980, we have been connecting people with our finest local honey and other wondrous hive products. Each season as we explore the art of beekeeping, we also strive to pass along the amazing habits and intriguing roll of the honey bee in food production, human health and the environment.

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Would your local organization like to learn more about bees or beekeeping in this area? We are always happy to talk about nature's pollinators! Just email us with info about your club, including when and where you meet.

For a more hands-on approach, we offer a 2-hour Introductory Beekeeping Seminar, complete with live demonstrations of essential beekeeping skills, minus the bees of course! The best time of year to host a class is mid-January to the end of March. Email us to schedule an event.

Summer Message

The bees are doing great. The hives are strong and have made enough honey for harvesting about three weeks early! May was extremely hot and June was extremely rainy which was a blessing to replenish water supplies. Nuc production this year was the biggest ever. We produced 25 nucs for our own yard and 5 nucs to offer for sale, a first for Leo's Honey House.

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Fall Message

Wow! What a harvest this year. The bees were very generous and worked hard for us! Mite checks in August were good and the overall health of the bee yard feels good. So far we have had a lot of mild weather and even some unseasonably warm weather allowing the bees to fly late in the year. However there aren't many blooms left to visit!

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