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varieties of honey

Basswood honey: Made from the basswood or linden tree blossoms, an herbal class honey, simple refreshing sweetness with a mild minty aftertaste and aroma. White to light amber in color. An all-purpose honey.

Spring flower honey: Dandelion, fruit tree blossoms along with other wildflowers like Russian olive contribute to this floral class honey. Mild flavor with a simple sweetness and thinner body. Dark versions have a hint of maple flavor. Light to medium amber in color. Good all-purpose honey.

Knotweed honey comes from the knotweed plant that resembles bamboo and blooms in early fall. This dark honey resembles buckwheat but is less bitter. The flavor brings to mind caramel. Great for making yeast breads, honey-mustard, or in any recipe where a rich honey flavor is needed.

Autumn wildflower honey is made from the nectar of fall flowers including goldenrod, knotweed, and asters. Fruity taste, sometimes citrus-y. Varies in color from light to dark amber

July wildflower honey: A mixed source honey made from flowers blooming in June and July such as clovers, sumac, vetch and basswood trees. In the herbal class with a complex sweetness and full body. Flavor starts out light then becomes earthy or slightly spicy. Dark versions have some tartness. Medium to dark amber. Good all-purpose honey.

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