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varieties of honey

Basswood honey (Currently unavailable) comes from the basswood tree that blossoms in July in our area. The very distinct flavor and aroma of this honey is easily recognized. The color ranges from colorlessness of water to a very light yellow and the flavor is moderately robust with sometimes a minty quality. It's great for teas, fruit dips, and salad dressings.

Goldenrod honey (Currently unavailable) is a fall honey from the goldenrod plant with a medium to dark amber color. It has a mild wheaty flavor. It's great for cooking and baking. It's a sentimental favorite here at Leo's Honey House.

Spring flower honey is produced from a variety of different May & June blooming plants. The primary plant is autumn olive that produces a flowery flavor. Dandelions and fruit tree blossoms also contribute nectar to our unique spring honey. Light amber to medium amber color.

Knotweed honey comes from the knotweed plant that resembles bamboo and blooms in early fall. This dark honey resembles buckwheat but is less bitter. The flavor brings to mind caramel. Great for making yeast breads, honey-mustard, or in any recipe where a rich honey flavor is needed.

August wildflower honey is a mixture of summer and fall nectar sources. This medium amber honey is popular with its mild apple flavor. Great "all-around" honey.

Autumn wildflower honey is made from the nectar of fall flowers including goldenrod, knotweed, and asters. Fruity taste, sometimes citrus-y. Varies in color from light to dark amber

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